The key to loyalty
is to give something more each day


At Inspiring Benefits, we help our clients to implement a comprehensive, customized Loyalty Program based on differential advantages and incentives. Such programs are easy to establish.

Unlike other non-specialized agencies, we have been been exclusively focused  on the evolution of this service since 2010, which makes us stand out when making agreements, establishing communications plans, and in our comprehensive platform that provides service to clients, managers, and merchants.

How can we help you?


Your clients need to know that you take care of them. A program with advantages and privileges contributes to the perception of quality and the proximity of your brand.

Client Acquisition

The added value entailed when pertaining to a club is key for your clients’ purchasing decisions and will differentiate you from your competitors.


Knowing the consumption profile of your clients is necessary when launching new commercial proposals for your brand combined with those of others.


The novelty of the incentives and the motivation to earn prizes are the perfect excuses to contact your dormant clients.

What solutions do we offer?

Loyalty Program

We implement a loyalty program for clients with premium advantages in a way that is both easy and unique. Through this program, we help you to be present in the day-to-day life of your clients, and you also provide them with additional benefits while gaining a commercial tool. You’ll even get to know more about your clients’ preferences.

Incentives Program

We provide comprehensive management of your multichannel incentives campaigns. We’ll help you with everything, from the definition of your target and the most adequate incentive, to communications, the microsite, and the administration of the incentives. It’s the perfect time to reward your clients, commercial network, or employees.

How does it work?

We have everything prepared to provide you with a 360º service: comprehensive, implemented in a matter of days, and with complete control of the service, where we’ll take care of everything during the entire existence of the program.

Catalogue of Agreements and Contents

We currently administer over 1,600 preferential agreements; choose the agreements that best align to your clients’ interests. We have agreeements for all types of categories: fashion, food and beverage, leisure, trips, children, etc.

Multiplatform Technology

Over the past 10 years, we have been developing the most powerful technology on the market to achieve the segmentation criteria most relevant to your company.

Multichannel Communications

We work together to define the consumer’s journey and we communicate information of interest to each person based on their sociodemographic variables, lifestyle, and consumer history.

Advanced Reporting

We are here to help and for this reason, we believe in complete information transparency. We provide you with comprehensive, multi-format reports so that you can properly monitor the program.

Reverse of Big Data

We conduct a complete study of the use and efficiency of the service and help you to take advantage of this knowledge to improve your commerical campaigns and to complement your CRM.


We design all the materials that you’ll need for the program, for both online (microsite, newsletters, banners, DSMS…) and offline (postal mail, flyers, coupon books…) supports, or we’ll work with your communications agency.

And much more… We strive for daily progress in offering you improved and amplified services. We would love to hear about your needs.

These companies already trust us

This new program has allowed us to establish a constant communications channel with our clients.

It’s a powerful tool that will differentiate you from your competitors and improve your value proposal.

It provides us with valuable information about each client so that we can get to know them better and even manage our commercial actions.

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