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Here at Inspiring Benefits and with the help of our affiliate, Hat Trick, we offer HR departments initiatives for caring for and motivating their employees through internal communications, compensation, and benefits.

Amongst these initiatives include some that we launched years ago, such as the Savings Club, that help employees stretch their paycheck. We also have more innovative projects that are already popular in other countries and that are starting to expand throughout Spain, little by little. Such projects involve well-being, sports, leisure, and conciliation.

We currently help over 350,000 employees in Spain and Portugal though a modular service that is constantly evolving and is supported by the most comprehensive, company ajustable platform on the market.

Some of our offered initiatives

Happy Savers

We offer a Savings Club for your employees. We have discounts from over 1,600 suppliers in all types of categories, such as gas stations, food and beverage, technology, trips, clothing, hair salons, gyms...even children´s parties or cosmetic clinics.

Healthy Company

We use gamification tools with challenges to promote healthy routines within the company. Our platform encourages healthy habits in a way that is social and fun. If your company already has health initiatives, we can integrate them into the platform. If not, we can propose activities that will improve your employees´ physical and mental health.

Events and Activities

To promote a healthy lifestyle in your company: running clubs and participation in fun runs, sports tournaments (football, paddle, golf, bowling...), teambuilding events...

Advertisement Board

We offer an internal and exclusive online meeting point where your employees can sell a car, rent a house, give away puppies...or even share a ride to work.

Services and Agreements

We help you organize the services you want to offer to your employees. These may include in-office massages, car washes, car inspections, cosmetic services, administrative services, tax returns...

Contests and Incentives

If you´re looking to make your collective more dynamic, we can organize everything from a photography to a Christmas drawing contest for kids. We can even manage incentives. Or, if you want to wish your employees a happy birthday or happy holidays, we have the ideal solution.

Everything centered in single portal and communications channel 


Technology helps us to offer the best possible experience for each user and to be able to analyze the interests for each collective. In order for the Club to be unique, we select the most interesting offers for each user based on their geographic location, personal interests, and by using IBrain technology.

Customer Service

We’re here to help, to increase motiviation but without wasting time, energy, or money. Your company will have a single club manager who will be responsible for coordinating the tasks in the different areas. This person will also be in charge of making sure that your club is working properly and for providing direct support.


Our philosophy is based on user-managed communications. We help you to establish and implement a communications strategy for generating messages, and we provide you with the necessary supports. Offer launches, demanded and reinforcement messages – each person can choose the type and timing of communications they wish to receive.


We provide you with all of the necessary information so that you know your employees and how well the service is doing. We create a map with the interests of your organization in order to select new initiatives that will have the greatest impact. We carefully work with all content areas to maximize the sense of belonging.

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